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Acceleration is now constant. Exubers design and build intelligent platforms that unlock meaningful experiences, enabling authentic interactions between you and your customers.

About Us

Exubers Technologies was founded in 2021, by a group of techies. We were all working in the IT industry, which is focused on B2C/B2B services for the various domains. These platforms require supporting a very high level of transactions and worldwide deployment to minimize latency in queries. Working on these projects we achieved a valuable skill set with a focus on highly scalable and fault-tolerant platforms.


What We Offer

Our Services

Software Development

Custom software development services comprise hi-tech enterprise transformation, end-to-end cross bespoke development.


PaaS deployment and configuration. CI/CD Tooling and IT processes automation using scripts and APIs. Devops methodologies & strategy.

Enterprise Search

Integrate search capabilities with your existing products and services to give them a new shape using our various enterprise search solutions.

Manual & Automation Testing

Our extensive & infallible software testing services have exposure in multiple sectors.

Case Studies